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We here at CubaAmor would like this site to be a welcoming forum, a safe haven, a great place to communicate about our hopes, dreams, wishes, fears, and experiences. We want to keep this site a place where people can get help and have conversations without feeling like they’re losing their privacy or feeling harrassed.

CubaAmor is a Moderated, Members-only site. Membership is free and open to everyone, but we reserve the right to refuse service. When you register on this site, you agree to the following rules:

  1. No trolling, flaming, stalking, or abuse of any of CubaAmor’s members
  2. No revealing anybody’s personal information (other than your own)
  3. No sex tourism or underage sex stories
  4. One account to One member STRICTLY ENFORCED!


We also expect that each member will conduct his or herself with a modicum of decorum. We are not therapists, we are not your parents, and we are not your teachers. And certainly not your babysitters. Be respectful. We do not want to censor anybody, we do not want to ban anybody. But we will if we have to.

When choosing a username, please consider your anonymity. We respect your privacy, but you are responsible for the content of your posts. We do not delete posts for convenience, mostly because it is impossible, but also because it makes a flowing conversation turn into an incomprehensible pile of words. Since all users are anonymous, we will not honor requests to delete posts for user convenience.

Any advice found on this forum should not be relied upon in place of professional help. All opinions expressed on this forum are just that, opinions from anonymous sources. Please seek legal assistance from a licensed attorney, psychological or medical assistance from a doctor.

Please read the Terms of Service prior to registering. This is a moderated forum, and by registering, you are agreeing to forum rules and the terms of service.

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