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Introduction to CubaAmor
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What Could Go Wrong?

We want to keep this website and Cuba forum a place where people can get help and have conversations without feeling like they are losing their privacy or feeling harassed.  Membership is free and open to everyone, but we reserve the right to refuse service.  Please check our Rules and Terms of Service before registering for membership.  Questions or concerns can be addressed to the Webmaster at CubaAmor.


This website and forum is run on donation, both of the intellectual and monetary variety.  If you have the inclination, you can donate a couple chavitos to keep the site going.

If you are having difficulties registering for a forum account, make sure you use a REAL Email address.  Your email address will not be used by us for any other purpose than registration.  The reason we require you to sign up with a real email address is that we do not permit duplicate account profiles UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.  This is to protect you as well as other forum members.  Again, if you attempt to register with a throwaway email address, you may not be approved for membership.  You can email the Webmaster (at CubaAmor dot org) if you have questions or concerns regarding this policy.


This website is dedicated to, Cupid, and all the former, current, and future contributors to the CubaAmor.Org forum.


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